Emergency Trolley
Model No.: 55-T2091 & 55-T2090

Emergency Trolley </br>  Model No.: 55-T2091  & 55-T2090

Model No.: 55-T2091

Trolley with Six Self Locking Drawers with ABS Panel (3" x 2, 6" x 2 & 9" x 1) with Central Locking System. Easy to clean and disinfect. Provided with Defibrillator Stand, Pull Out Shelf can be used for writing, O2 Cylinder Holder, CPR Board, Sharp Container Holder, Power Socket, Plastic Buckets x 2 nos. M.S. Sheet Top Electrostatic Powder Coated. Mounted on four 12.5 cms castors (Two with brakes). Approx. Sizes: Overall: 86(L) x 60(W) x 123(H) cms.

Model No.: 55-T2090

High-strength ABS, Stainless steel guard rail, Sliding side shelf, Centralized lock. Dust basket, Needle disposal holder, file bin. IV pole, Defibrillator shelf, Defibrillator Board, Power outlet & Hooks, Oxygen tank holder. Five ABS drawers:2 small,2 middle & 1 big drawers, each inner with Partitions can be organized freely into different size units". Four luxurious noiseless casters, two with brakes of central locking system. Accessories: IV pole : 1 pc, Dust basket :2 pcs, Needle disposal holder: 1 pc. File bin: 1 set, Defibrillator shelf: 1 set, Sliding side shelf : 1 set, Power outlet & Hooks: 1 set, Oxygen tank holder: 1 set, Stainless steel guard rail: 1 set, Transparent soft plastic glass: 1 pc, Centralized lock: 1 set, Drawers: 5 pcs. Luxurious noiseless casters: 4 pcs Overall Size: 85(L) x 52(W) x 95(H) cms.